Wexford Services
Meta Tag and Indexing

Place your products
in forign language
Search Engines

Wexford Services provides a low cost multi lingual product/activity search engine placement service.

We place your product and or your service Meta/Indexes tag in the geographical market place you want. Our system provides real-time statistics on your impact success and sales can be measured against Internet hits allowing proactive approach to sales


Having difficulty accessing foreign language markets, we specialise in far eastern markets.

Our service works in two ways:
  • We place your tags for you and you can monitor hits through our statistics
  • You supply your key words and we will return code containing Meta info for your placment

Examples: if you are manufacturing, selling Chinese dumplings or just offering how to cooking tutorials we can place your product details/video promotional details on any search engine in any language.

Do you want your product services showing up in Chinese search engines? Follow links below to see how your products/services might look like in chinese:

Advertise your product/services where you want them. Contact us for more information.